Research objectives

Research objectives

Objectives of the Project

To extensively investigate the Eurolect to understand the processes and factors behind its formation

To track the impact of the Eurolect on post-accession  Polish


Research Questions

  1. Internal variation – textual fit/transgenre: How does the Eurolect differ from naturally occurring administrative Polish?
  2. Internal variation: cross-generic: How does the Eurolect differ internally across four genres (legislation, judgments, reports, official websites for citizens)?
  3. Variables: How is the Eurolect affected by the genre, the source language, institutionalisation of the translation process, the translator profile and translation universals?
  4. Diachronic variation: Europeanisation of administrative Polish: How has post-accession Polish been affected by the huge inflow of EU translations (comparison of pre-accession Polish (1999/2000) and post-accession Polish (2015)?