Additional materials

Additional materials

Parallel-corpus study of synonyms in EU competition law


Alphabetical list of compound and secondary prepositions analyzed in the study on prepositions in administrative reports. Frequency and functions of compound and secondary prepositions.



Appendices to Katarzyna Wasilewska’s Ph.D. thesis

Appendix 4. Statistics for textual fit

Appendix 5. Excerpts from the corpora used in the study of nominalisation


Appendices to: Koźbiał, Dariusz. forthcoming. The Language of EU and Polish Judges: Investigating Textual Fit Through Corpus Methods. Berlin: Peter Lang

List of all CJ, GC and SN judgments included in the JURIDIC corpus ( Appendix to: Chapter 5)

Complete, refined lists of terms extracted from the JURIDIC corpus (Appendix to: Chapter 9)

List of 4498 Latin terms, phrases, maxims (Appendix to: Chapter 10)



Statistics used in the chapter by Katarzyna Wasilewska “Translation guidelines versus practice. A corpus-based study of the impact of the Polish style guide on translations of EU legislation and reports drafted by the European Commission.” In Translation policies in legal and institutional settings, edited by Marie Bourguignon, Bieke Nouws, Heleen van Gerwen and Lieven D’hulst. Leuven: Leuven University Press.


Data set for Ł.Biel (forthcoming) “From national to supranational institutionalisation: A microdiachronic study of the post-accession evolution of the Polish Eurolect